Pour over recipe for coffees with black tea flavor

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Recently I've been told great pour-over recipe for coffees that are characterized by lots of black tea flavor (like CRS Coffee Roasters' Ethiopia Konga Sedie). This post is mostly a short note I've made for myself not to forget it.

How to set up Hario Skerton for pour over coffee grind

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As Hario Skerton does not have any kind of grind size indicator, setting it up properly, e.g. after cleaning, can be a little tricky. Here's how I do it.

How to configure Azure firewall using CLI

4 minute read Modified:

Configuring Azure Network Security Groups using Azure CLI 2.0

UPDATE 2018-03-02: Streisand project now allows fully automatic creation of VPN server instances at Azure. Hurray!

I’ve ran into some problems recently while trying to setup multiple instances of Streisand VPN. It seems that on Microsoft Azure there’s no easy way to copy or export/import firewall (Network Security Group - NSG) configuration between different resource groups using Azure Portal.

Fortunately, Azure has a CLI (version 2.0 now) available which can be used to setup network security groups in an automated fashion.