Pour over recipe for coffees with black tea flavor

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Recently I've been told great pour-over recipe for coffees that are characterized by lots of black tea flavor (like CRS Coffee Roasters' Ethiopia Konga Sedie). This post is mostly a short note I've made for myself not to forget it.

Recipe (for 18g of coffee and 300g of water):

  1. Pour 30g of water for pre-infusion/blooming
  2. Wait 30s
  3. Pour 70g of water in short and intense pour (try to stir all of the coffee grounds with this pour)
  4. Wait another 30s (till 1 minute mark)
  5. Pour last 200g of water over 50s-1m15s in a slow and consistent fashion, centered in the middle of the cone (no circling motion)

I’ve used 95°C hot water here — I got no tips on this so I will experiment a little bit and see what works well.

I’ve used this pour-over recipe for CRS CoffeeRoasters’ Ethiopia Konga Sedie, which has lots of citrus and black tea flavors, and I’m really satisfied with the result.

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